May 6, 2020
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Tips to Crack the Blockchain Developer Interview

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By Eva Carler on The Capital

It is quite a known fact that we are all living in the ‘era of the blockchain.’ Blockchain is a revolutionary and disruptive technology that has opened up job avenues for developers and technology enthusiasts alike.

Who is a Blockchain Developer?

To put it in the simplest of terms, an individual who is involved with developing blockchains can be termed as a blockchain developer. To be more elaborate, a blockchain developer is one who develops and optimizes blockchain protocols, develops smart contracts and web apps using blockchain technology, and crafts the architecture of blockchain systems.

Tips to Crack a Blockchain Developer Interview

Let us now take a look at some of the concepts and methods you need to undertake to crack a blockchain developer interview.

1. Learning the Basics

It is important for you to familiarize yourself with the concepts that are integral to the blockchain ecosystem. Some of the terms that you must know are blockchain, consensus mechanism, decentralized, and mining. Prepare a glossary of terms and learn them like the back of your hand. There is a chance that interviewers might quiz you on the terms. If you are interested in the technical aspects, then you must have a thorough understanding of crypto-economics. You must also know about cryptography and must know what public-key cryptography is. You must also have a basic understanding of how Bitcoin works. Reading the whitepaper of Bitcoin written by Satoshi Nakamoto is a good move as there are chances that the interviewer might pose questions to you regarding that.

2. Learn the Process

Get acquainted with Coinbase or any other cryptocurrency exchange platform and purchase cryptocurrencies just to understand how the process works. You do not need an extensive portfolio to try this. As you will not be buying many coins, you can use a basic online wallet. These wallets are easy to create and use, and these can be accessed from any server or device in the world. But it is important that you understand the working of the online wallets. Always make sure that you store the bare minimum needed for exchange purposes and not huge sums of money as you will be saving your private key on another server. Before appearing for a blockchain developer interview, make sure that you know how the exchanges and wallets work.

3. Educate Yourself on Smart Contracts

Be sure to have an in-depth understanding of what smart contracts are and how they work. A smart contract is a self-executing contract or a computer protocol where the terms of the agreement between a buyer and a seller are written into lines of code. You must be aware of the three desired properties that must be there in a smart contract that is terminable, isolated, and deterministic. If you are applying for a blockchain developer’s position for the Ethereum blockchain, then it is important that you learn the Solidity programming language.

4. Getting into a Blockchain Development Firm

In order to constantly stay updated about the trends of the blockchain space, you can join forums and discussion groups and can also read articles, blogs, and whitepapers. This way, you will be connected with other developers and will also stay updated with news regarding the technology. These will also help you to know what people look for in blockchain professionals. This will help you fine-tune your skills to make it appealing to companies.


If you are confident that you have exactly what it takes to be a blockchain developer, then I would say that this is a golden time for you as opportunities are now thriving in terms of job opportunities. Several Fortune 500 companies are like Accenture, Capgemini, and IBM are constantly looking out for skilled and eligible blockchain developers for their firms.

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