May 28, 2020
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Reddit User Left Seed Phrase in GitHub Code and Lost Tokens

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By Marko Vidrih on The Capital

One of the users of the Reddit forum said that he lost $1,200 in 100 seconds by accidentally posting the code containing the mnemonic phrase from the MetaMask wallet on the portal for GitHub developers.

According to the user under the pseudonym tycooperaow, hackers use bots that scan projects posted on GitHub for mnemonic phrases and other data. He noted that he accidentally left a mnemonic phrase in the code that he sent to the Hack Money hackathon.

In just 100 seconds, the bot withdrew almost all available funds, and even when the user tried to withdraw the remaining coins, the bot did it faster, increasing the volume of commissions.

I just want you all to be aware to NEVER have a digital copy of your mnemonic or private key . Especially not online,” the victim writes.

He also said that about $600 remained blocked in the DeFi Compound protocol and he asked for help in saving these funds.

I was foolish and this mistake was costly, but I know how to be extra secure when dealing in crypto. I was very upset and scared at first, but I can’t dwell on it and I’ll move on. No need to stress over thousands when I can focus on making millions,” concluded tycooperaow.

Recall that recently the Reddit forum launched a beta test of two Ethereum-based tokens, which will be used to reward users for posting content in the sections about cryptocurrencies and the Fortnite game.

Author: Marko Vidrih

Author: Marko Vidrih

Featured image credit: Unsplash

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