Jun 18, 2021
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Project Rundown Interview with Omnia DeFi

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Which partnerships have Omnia DeFi engaged so far, and which ones are the most impactful?

We are in conversation with several strategic partners across a variety of industries and governments. Due to the confidential nature of these discussions we cannot disclose further details at this stage. We are seeking and vetting custodial and launch partners at the moment and would welcome inquiries. Interested parties should connect with us on LinkedIn.

Now on a more technical side of things, what are the coin metrics for $OMNIA Tokens, and how do these lead to a stable and balanced system?

Most simply put, our platform indexes data tied to asset value and turns that value into tradable tokens. OATs serve as value index tokens. Each asset has an integer acting as an index number representing the total stored value and assurance tied data on that asset. The index number can be divided into x number of fractions indicating total fixed amount of tokens available linked to that integer. The index number is given an overall safety rating derived from KYC/KYA/AML scores plus any number of additional proofs and concessions or assurances. This safety rating lets the token buyer know the risk level associated with buying the tokens. Safety ratings are up for constant review by prompting at regular (or irregular) intervals and/or by Omnia DeFi, the token traders, or the asset holders themselves.

Transactionally, let’s say you have a $100K Joan Mitchell and want to raise cash to finance its exhibition tour. You decide to tokenise, and receive100 tokens for the painting. You keep 51 of the tokens (51%). The remaining 49 are sold to people who are now fractional owners of the Joan Mitchell. They get to own up to 49% of your valuable art, but you still get to decide how to manage it. If on the other hand you are one of the people who purchased one or more of the 49 tokens, if the price of the painting rises, so does the value of your tokens — without you having to put much effort into maintaining the expensive painting.

Or let’s say you inherited land but have no capital to start a farm or to build on that land. You cannot trust the local banking system where you are and it is virtually impossible for you to obtain the loan that you need. People around you are just as short of cash as you are. By tokenising you can properly register your land and sell 49% of the tokens attached to it and release your equity in the land. Being on the platform allows you to present your land development plan and attract token buyers from around the globe, exponentially increasing your chances of getting funded.

OMNIA DeFi Tokenomics are as follows:

💰 Total supply: 10,000,000

💸 Circulating supply — at public listing: 2,575,00

– Liquidity pool: 575,00

– Advisors & giveaways: 300,000

– Bootstrap funding: 300,000

– Private presale & Public presale: 1,400,000

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Core team: 1,350,000 — locked for 15 months, streamed daily for a total of 90,000 tokens/month

⚠ locking time & amount might be subject to change → tokens not available at the moment — be aware of possible scams

👨‍💻 Development: 1,725,000–50% locked for 7 months (no stream release)

⚠ locking time & amount might be subject to change → tokens not available at the moment — be aware of possible scams

🚀 Marketing: 1,000,000–50% locked for 6.5 months (no stream release)

⚠ locking time & amount might be subject to change → tokens not available at the moment — be aware of possible scams

🌕 [Burn] Moon Vault: 1,000,000 — AR reality app, 20% on earth, 80% on the moon

⛲ Liquidity pool: 575,000

🕵️‍♀️ Advisors & Giveaway: 300,000

👉 Bootstrap funding: 300,000 — funds will be used for marketing to get a lot of attention before R1

👉 R1: 150,000 — capped at 25,000 DAI → contact the team for higher amounts

👉 R2: 1,250,000 -capped at 100,000 DAI

⚠ R2 supply might decrease as we find arrangements with high-level R1 token holders.

👨‍🌾 Staking & farming: 2,350,000 — could be managed by a multisig that will stream rewards to staking & farming contracts. Useful in case these contracts need to be updated or paused for security reasons

— –

Core team vesting schedule

Core team tokens will be locked for 15 months but released by a stream on a daily basis.

Why so? Streaming core team tokens will prevent the team from flooding the market.

Instead of selling a big chunk every quarter or after +6 months which would have negative effects on the market, the Omnia team chooses to use amazing DeFi tools to have a lesser impact on $OMNIA tokens if team members were to sell their allocation.

— –

Unsold tokens

All unsold tokens from bootstrap funding, private & public presale will be burnt.

— –

Bootstrap funding, private presale & public presale funds usage

Bootstrap funding

±60% of funds will be used for marketing purposes in order to make successful presales.

±40% of funds will be used to be AML compliant, to audit smart contracts & pass cyber essentials.


50% of funds acquired during private & public presales will be used for DEX listing.

50% of funds will be used for Omnia working funds. Cash flow is business’s blood: most companies die from lack of cash.

Liquidity locking

⚠ This might be subject to change as we are looking for a partnership with a launchpad, meaning we will follow their requirements.

33% of LP tokens will be locked 4 months

33% of LP tokens will be locked 8 months

33% of LP tokens will be locked for 1 year

As we see different chains, L2 solutions & cross-chain solutions emerging we need to be very flexible and proactive regarding the tools we are using. That is why we need to have access to liquidity to navigate from one chain to another while furnishing liquidity to bridges.

If people would like to follow Omnia DeFi on their social media pages, visit your website or read your important documents like your white paper, what are the links they need to visit? Please list them below.

Visit us on our website and chat with us on Telegram!


Telegram — chat:

Telegram — announcement:



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