May 10, 2020
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How to Maximize Your Bitcoin Sportsbook During Lockdown

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By Marcus Smith on The Capital

As tough times remain, it’s almost impossible for sports bettors to place a bet on their Bitcoin sportsbook. Sports is still on hiatus amid the Coronavirus outbreak, and it’s a huge bummer for many of us. But as several countries start to recover from this pandemic, more and more sports bettors are realizing that it’s not the end of the world after all. That’s because of the many ways one can maximize a sportsbook account even in the absence of major sports events and traditional betting lines.

And here’s how you can do it.

Look for alternatives

Just because sports events are cancelled, suspended or postponed, it doesn’t mean that your sportsbook subscription is up to no good. Sports betting sites have a good variety of offerings, even when there are no actual sports to bet on. One great alternative is sports sim betting, which many Bitcoin-based sportsbooks are hosting now. Betting on simulation sports is a growing market in sports betting today, especially in limiting situations like this.

Browse through available odds

Not all sports events are on a break. Some managed to pull through, and some returned to business as usual earlier than the others. One of those events include the UFC, with three fight cards scheduled this May. There are betting odds now available on these events, so you might want to consider browsing through your other options.

Play casino games

Most Bitcoin sportsbooks don’t just offer odds, contests or lines on traditional sports or esports. They’ve added online casino gambling in their set of offerings as well, so as to cater a wider range of betting markets. When there’s no other option available in sports betting, you can go for casino games that are just as competitive, rewarding, and odds-driven as regular sports bets.

Do your research

Now’s an ample time to work on your betting strategy by doing your research. While there is a scarcity in sports wagers, there’s an abundance in useful information you can use to improve your betting experience. While stuck in quarantine, you can read up some tips on proper betting, expert insights, news, and even a Bitcoin guide on your sportsbook’s official blog.

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