Jul 22, 2020
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How to escape from poverty?

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During these trying times, one must master a set of skills which can lead to success.

You will face hardships along the way, but are you willing to take a stand?

Live the life that you wanted?

Modest Life?

If so, I’m going to tell you the secrets to a successful life. These are facts, these are based on the biology of thousands of successful people in the world. How do they do it? What are there secrets? What qualities do I need to have in order to become successful? and many of your questions will be answered in this article.

1. Make time to educate yourself

The reason why some people experience poverty, is that they only know one certain thing. That is go to 9:00 to 5:00 job, get their first paycheck and spend it on stock market, invest on a company that they don’t know and hopefully get something in return. Whereas, you can use that first pay check to invest it on yourself. Buy books, educate yourself, increase you skill sets or your income skills and expand your knowledge about the world on how can you go from broke to rich. Spend at least 30 minutes reading time per day, so you can level up your income. Instead of $400 per month, you can earn $10,000 a month.

Recommend to read: Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

2. Seek for advice

Watch YouTube videos on how to get rich, watch their story on how did they do it? what is the secrets? all of that can be answered by seeking advice to people who went from broke to rich that who are now successful in life. Instead of watching cat videos on YouTube, use it as an online library. Go apply for apprenticeship to a certain company owner, ask somebody who are now earning from linear to passive.

Interview a certain someone who is now successful and ask them everything you want to know with regards to becoming successful.

3. Try different things

maybe the reason why you’re poor is that you don’t try variety of stuff, maybe you’ve never try playing basketball but little did you know your good at it. However, you never played it that’s why you don’t know so in order to bring out what your good at, what are your strong points and what are your weak points. You’ll need to try different things like e — commerce, affiliate marketing, copy writing, drop shipping business or maybe you’re good at teaching English language. Create your own courses online on how to learn the English language, something like that.

Sell what you know on Digistore; teaching speak fluently in every language, help people lose fat, and many more!

Give something of value before you wish for something in return — Anonymous.

4. Create something of value to the market

Find existing problem and creatively solved them. By means of producing products or services to people which will address their needs and wants. That’s how you get out of poverty, you think of something that is valuable or a lucrative idea that you can manifest to other people and on the other hand, you can generate profit from doing that until you reach your goal and that is “success.”

Go look in your community an existing problem and think of a way on how you can creatively solve them. Does it need services or a product?

5. Don’t Quit

This is the top reason why people go broke when they start doing something and it fails, they quit. And after that, they settle for less, they give up, and they already accepted their fate in life. However, you should not quit.

when you try

and then fail

instead of thinking of giving up

find the reason why you fail in the first place

reflect on that, learn from that

and then YOU TRY AGAIN.

And these are the five steps you need to escape from poverty.

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