May 7, 2021
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DigitalFlyer® Review 2021: The Most Affordable Business Service Platform in South Africa

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The emergence of blockchain technology has significantly revolutionized this world and still, it’s gaining traction. In fact, almost every sector or industry will apply this advanced innovation in the near future. Blockchain’s arrival has bridged the gaps between financial industries with a smooth and modernized approach.

Even with all these feats, we are still yet to explore the full potential of blockchain — we’ve barely scratched the surface. However, this doesn’t disregard the fact that it has grown over the years. This growth has made cryptocurrency better and applicable to a vast range of financial cases, as we can see with Community Business Token (CBT). CBT, used within DigitalFlyer®, has proven to be a transparent, safe, and unique platform-based project. And trust me, it holds the potential to change the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain into a beautiful space, which can bring more profit to investors and users.

This article will cover everything you need to know about DigitalFlyer® and Community Business Token. So let’s start by looking at what DigitalFlyer® is all about.

What is DigitalFlyer®?

Looking at the modern world, you’ll agree that there are several steps you can take to promote a business. One of them is using a digital marketing platform. With this platform, as a business, you can increase the number of clients, improve conversion rates and ultimately enlarge the market for your businesses. Digital marketing platforms will help you reach more people via multiple channels such as search engines, social media, and more. With this approach, you can quickly get to your target audiences. Today we can clearly see more business starting to leverage this space to promote their brand.

The concept explained above is the simplest way to describe what DigitalFlyer® is all about. Based in South Africa (and gearing up for international use), DigitalFlyer® is a platform that enables users to search for several services and businesses all through South Africa. As a user, you can easily find a service or business that aligns with what you are searching for via the app that’s available to Apple and android users. It is an affordable and user-friendly option for anyone looking to promote their services or business online. DigitalFlyer® connects businesses to anyone who needs a specific product or service. In essence, this platform implements a business-to-business, B2B, as well as a business-to-customer, B2C strategy.

How does it work?

Everyone, or at least most people, started a business with the primary aim of generating profit. You want to do what you love while earning some cash from it. However, to achieve this feat, you must have enough time to create more innovations and ideas and constantly seek new approaches to generate profit. But how can you do this when you are focusing all your attention, time, and budgets on marketing, websites, and social media? In the quest to help you achieve your fundamental business objective, DigitalFlyer® is an ever-evolving and growing toolkit that can help you with all of those secondary tasks for about 40 dollars per annum. And leveraging this network and community can ultimately help you multiply that 40 dollars value over time. Most people call platforms like these middlemen, but I call them connectors and enablers.

Besides, DigitalFlyer® offers you alternatives to freeing up your time, so you can have more time to focus on your happiness, health, and wealth over time. The platform achieves this by lightening the marketing and administration tasks at affordable rates by serving as a communication channel between anyone looking for a service and those who offer such service. DigitalFlyer® adapts to your industry and sets actionable steps to train, upskill and empower you at whatever experience level you are. It does this by providing you with a personalized one-stop business marketing and an admin platform. It’s modules will streamline any business, so your focus won’t only be on doing business but amassing a considerable amount of wealth.

DigitalFlyer® isn’t just a business listing platform or a marketplace; it is a platform maintained, funded and updated by active business members. In essence, we can call it a business community.

Current trends out there are leaning towards the fact that most people now prefer to use digital payment means as an alternative to cash. They consider it to be more practical, safer, and easier to use. For this reason DigitalFlyer® has an integrated payment system and charges no commission on any of your sales.

Founded in 2018, DigitalFlyer® has more than 600 registered businesses making use of the platform.

What is Community Business Token?

Community Business Token, CBT, is a cryptocurrency launched by DigitalFlyer® to serve as a means of payment and to be used as a utility token for their rewards program on the platform. CBT was launched on the Ethereum ERC-20 blockchain. This token will allow users of the DigitalFlyer® platform to have access to a rewards program with the security of blockchain, making transactions secure and easy. So, in essence, everyone — medium scale enterprise, small scale business, one-person businesses and startups will have access to a rewards program that can benefit them and their customers. The native CBT token will also be used to pay for goods or services via the DigitalFlyer® platform.

CBT has a supply limit of 70 billion tokens. Only 50 billion will be made available publicly and the other 20 billion tokens will be used exclusively for the rewards program. As a user or business you can access, buy or trade tokens via the listed exchanges.

According to its creator, this innovation was not lucky nor thoughtless. It was inspired by a childhood passion for communities. Thoughts about how to change communities without just giving, but by enabling and connecting its members to become more self sustainable, birthed this innovation. The primary goal of this project is to serve as a bridge between community members and their businesses, helping each other grow and simultaneously educating them on the benefits of cryptocurrency.

Since its launch, this project has achieved some unprecedented feats. In March 2021, its creators launched and ended its Initial Exchange Offering on IndoEx in what qualifies to be a successful one. During this period, users got a 10% bonus on the IndoEx IEO. Since the start of April 2021, this token is now available on four significant exchanges- Bitsten, Coinsbit, IndoEx and Latoken. Currently you can stake and earn more CBT’s on Coinsbit and Latoken. This feat has undoubtedly made this token more attractive to purchase for investors and users. The last trading competition featured on IndoEx and Latoken lasted till the end of April. This competition enticed a wider community, and so far, the total prize funds exceeded 10 million CBT tokens.

With the ICO launched in 2019, CBT has over 5000 current holders. CBT features an ERC-20 wallet and it is set to delve into the non-fungible ecosystem with its artist community. This token not only offers a wealth-generating option but evidently, DigitalFlyer® has developed an absolute gem of a token. With it’s successful initial exchange offerings and further listings on exchanges, I believe we are all getting a glimpse of what is to come.

Applications of the Community Business Token, CBT

Within a few days after its launch, it was already evident that this token is not just an ordinary cryptocurrency. Instead, it has a strong and established business case. According to its creators, it is available for any business, whether it is a small, medium, or large enterprise. Even startups can use the token for their business needs. So, brace yourself; we are on our way to witnessing another revolutionary and exciting innovation in the blockchain space. Here are some of the applications of CBT.

1. Business and Marketing

CBT isn’t just some thoughtless design; it is a result of ceaseless brainstorming and creative ideas. It is a project with infrastructure and is set to launch DigitalFlyer®’s functionality into an entirely new level of marketing and business.

2. Community projects

CBT already has established projects such as community support, community health, entrepreneurial training, schooling and more. They are working with South African artists and are in the process of putting a project together for musicians.

What Makes CBT Unique?

CBT is set to revolutionise traditional rewards systems. With its promising idea, accomplished developers and quality it has, this fact becomes clearer as time passes.

More and more individuals, startups, small, medium and large ventures will start utilizing DigitalFlyer® and benefit from using CBT.

Now that we know what this innovation is all about let’s check out what it brings to the table.

  • Transparency

The CBT token offers a transparent trading platform, which will not only work to benefit the customers but also the service providers.

  • Community project and development

CBT focuses on community initiatives to connect and enable sustainability.

  • Seamless and straightforward marketing services

DigitalFlyer® is the first of its kind and arguably one of the fastest-growing platforms focusing on affordable marketing in South Africa. It is much more than an enterprise directory. It assists businesses to grow without breaking the bank. As expected, from now on, CBT will be an integral part of achieving this vision as time goes on.

CBT Loyalty Tokens: How Does it Work?

Since CBT is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has its own smart contract. You can trade, exchange for fiat or spend it. Let’s briefly examine how it works.

As a public member or business, you can purchase CBT’s through any of the listed exchanges. As a business member, you can accept CBT as a means of payment. CBT holders may use CBT for transactions through the CBT wallet or any preferred Ethereum trust wallet.

Using DigitalFlyer®, the stakeholders on this platform (businesses and clients) can earn CBT’s by carrying out transactions through the eCommerce module. CBT holders can spend or transfer tokens to another person. Due to the recent listing on exchanges, you can also trade CBT just like any other digital currency.

How to get started with CBT and DigitalFlyer®

As discussed, DigitalFlyer® is a very unique platform that enables businesses to utilise affordable marketing, e-commerce and it’s very own cryptocurrency rewards token. The goal is to connect communities and create sustainable community upliftment. It is unlike any other digital marketing platforms available today, DigitalFlyer® is modern and innovative with a proven, strong business case.

If this exciting innovation pricks your interest and you would like to consider delving into this space, you can purchase this token on:





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