Aug 2, 2020
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Bitcoin Volume & Volatility

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Volume & Volatility in Exchanges

During the month of June, cryptocurrency spot trading volumes decreased by 36% in “top-tier” exchanges. As well as derivatives having the lowest month since the beginning of the year of 2020. Just before the recent uprise in the month of July, we were seeing BTC’s ATR (volatility metric) nearing the year’s lows. As said, Bitcoin and most altcoins have risen in price, bringing the spotlight back into the crypto community. Volumes are up, volatility is up, crypto search is up and traders see opportunity. No longer have flat prices bringing volatility and volume back to the year’s highs.

Bitcoin’s Future

Even though no one knows exactly where BTC’s price will go, the market is maturing. Showing signs of stability and growth ensure that the industry is here to stay. Everyday Bitcoin comes one step closer to become the replacement of the traditional monetary system. When a market matures, innovative ideas flourish and the economy becomes stronger. The future of BTC is heading towards a positive direction and we can all rest assured that it will play a role in the future’s economy.

Now or Never

Why wait? This question is speculated upon by many cryptocurrency users or those who are looking to join the club. Looking at the price that is deflected when comparing to fiat currency may be the right or wrong thing to do. However, BTC holds it’s own value, from the money within the industry and companies that built it or the mathematical stance it holds with the blockchain technology it contains. You won’t know if you never try, buy your first Bitcoin here!

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