Apr 26, 2021
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Bitcoin price crash with further downside potential?

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Analyst sets his buy order at $32,501

Some analysts expect the bitcoin price to fall as low as $32,500 in the short term after the bears breached several crucial support levels.

The bitcoin price hit lows on Friday not seen since early March. Unsurprisingly, some analysts are already calling out far lower levels as realistic targets for the price of Bitcoin (BTC).

One of these analysts is Peter Brandt. Namely, he plans to buy BTC as soon as the Bitcoin price reaches $32,501. The buy order for this project, he has already posted, according to his own tweet.

So, according to the veteran analyst, the Bitcoin price still has a lot of room to go down before the long-term uptrend can continue. It remains to be seen whether Bitcoin will actually do him the favor of triggering his buy orders. Currently, that much is clear in any case. The bears have gained the upper hand. It will be exciting to see how the omnipresent showdown between bulls and bears will affect the Bitcoin price in the coming days and weeks.

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