Jul 11, 2020
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Bitcoin is Apple in 2004

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By The Molesy Message on The Capital

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I have been thinking a lot about simplicity.

Simplicity in money.

Simplicity in relationships.

Simplicity in material things.

Life is pretty simple, but we overcomplicate it.

We fight and we argue.

We buy dumb stuff.

We give too much of our time.

We invest in too many things.

Yet life well lived and fulfilled and happy is that of simplicity.

Clear mind. Calm mind. Fit body. Loving heart. A singular purpose to be a good person.

I love Bitcoin as an investment because of its simplicity. The energy and excitement I get about Bitcoin are eerily similar to how I felt about Apple in January 2004. I was 12 years old when I first owned an iPod color. Remember these beauties:


Honestly, I teared up when I got one for my birthday. The simplicity in this device filled my body with so much joy. I intuitively knew this was going to be one of the greatest companies and it would change the world. I didn’t know anything about investing at the time but I remember telling my parents to put everything they had into this company. According to, if you had invested $100 into Apple around 2002, it would have grown to more than 130 times the original investment by mid-October 2019.

My parents should have listened to me I guess…This is why I love to talk to younger generations. I am very curious to see what they get excited about and what they don’t use or understand. I often will look at kids’ home screens to see what apps are on their first page.

I looked up to Steve Jobs and that company as a kid. Apple and Steve Jobs’s ethos of simplicity was and is the reason for their success globally.

Looking forward, my 12-year-old self is screaming at me, “Buy Bitcoin!!”

Bitcoin’s code is simple by design. There are only 21 million bitcoins available.

Marty Bent put it best in his recent email newsletter:

“If Bitcoin is to be a dominant reserve asset in the world at some point in the future, individuals must be able to have confidence that the underlying rules of the protocol won’t change. Most importantly, that there will never be more than 21,000,000 bitcoins in circulation. If this parameter can be easily tweaked, no one can have confidence in Bitcoin’s store of value proposition in the long-term.”

I would highly recommend subscribing to Marty’s email letter.

Apple is simple, beautiful, and plays a long term game.

Bitcoin is simple, beautiful, and is built for the long term.


As a reminder, this is not financial advice. Do your own research.

Thank you for reading or listening.

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