Dec 3, 2021
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Baby Moon Floki: A Hyper-deflationary System With Smart Exchange System

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Baby Moon Floki is a decentralized meme coin with unlimited potential and has a smart exchange system built within its network. The meme coin’s name, Floki, came about from Elon Musk’s pet puppy, who has the same name. The Baby Moon Floki team believes Floki dreams of becoming the first dog to put its paw on the moon, and its community plans to take it exactly there.

The network was created in October 2021, and it leverages the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Moreover, the digital asset is listed on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap. Currently, BMFloki has over 37K holders and is listed on exchanges like Hotbit and Bitmart, with plans to be listed in CEX underway. Unlike other older comparable projects, Baby Moon Floki introduces holders to generational concepts such as automatic rewards distribution, NFTs, and unique hyper-deflationary mechanisms.

BMFloki is a hyper-deflationary token and has an intelligent exchange system built into its ecosystem. Baby Moon Floki automatically sends rewards directly to holders’ wallets. Within the first months of Floki’s launch, the platform reached a market capitalization of over $20 million and achieved 36K holders within 43 days from its introduction to the world.

Baby Moon Floki is established on its operational values, based on a three-pillar value spectrum, namely;


BMFloki believes in open communication and trust among its team and holders. Communication is done through publications on their website in a public domain, and rewards are advertised to holders in an open manner/forums.


In cryptocurrency, trust is the key driving force in building security within an ecosystem and its target groups. Baby Moon Floki has been audited by Techrate, and its smart contract has burned over $2M in Floki tokens.


Being a fast-growing token, Baby Moon Floki is a community that believes in the strength of togetherness and growing stronger through inclusivity.

The maximum supply is 100 quadrillion, and the key functionality is the decentralized rewards mechanism. Floki has a 2% reward for every transaction, distributed automatically to a holder’s wallet. This reward mechanism helps promote a healthy distribution in network and community usage.

  • Name: Baby Moon Floki
  • Symbol:$Floki
  • Decimal:9
  • Total supply:100000000000000000
  • Burn:20000000000000000

Babymoon Floki has an auto boost protocol built mathematically to solve buyback differentials that adjust volumes and maintain stability. The auto boost buys back variable amounts every time a babymoon floki sale occurs, making it an essential and powerful function than just a standard buyback operation.

Babymoon Floki has its commission rates which include:

  • Every time a person buys or sells a BMFloki, there is a 12% commission charged
  • 6% burned and returned to liquidity
  • 4% for marketing
  • 2% distributed among the holder

Floki swap is a decentralized exchange where users can exchange one token for another, powered by pancakeSwap, one of the largest trading platforms. It acts as the foundation where BMFloki will develop its functionality and creates use cases for $FLOKI tokens.

Floki NFT, being the official BMFloki community’s NFT decentralized marketplace, helps foster participation in contests for artists to showcase their work and have the community have the liberty to decide on who to vote for

Floki swag, on the other hand, helps to take $Floki to mainstream networks as it allows enthusiasts to present BMFloki to the world. It comes with merchandise that ownerless, and nonprofitable transparent organizations can sell, whose proceeds may help support BMFloki.

Baby Moon Floki is established on various future developmental plans categorized in phases.

Phase One

  • Website launch
  • Fair launch
  • Influencer marketing push
  • Coin Hunt and coin sniper promos
  • 1000 plus holders target

Phase Two

  • Smart contracts audit
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Coingecko listing
  • Website redesign#
  • 5000 plus holders target

Phase Three

  • Babymoon flokiswap development
  • NFT development
  • Influencer/celebrity onboarding
  • 25000 plus holders target

Phase Four

  • CEX listing
  • Tesla giveaways
  • Solid partnership
  • Further marketing plans
  • 100000 plus holders target

PancakeSwap is currently the most active platform if one is looking forward to buying or selling Baby Moon Floki. The network has promised to launch a Tesla giveaway once it hits 100K holders, as its TikTok event saw little activity. For more information on BMFloki, follow the social media handles below;




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